Programs and Services

The following programs and services are included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE:

Free Delivery

We provide FREE delivery service on everything we rent. We’ll also set up the product, hook it up, demonstrate and instruct you on how to use and enjoy your product.

Free Pick Up

Don’t want or need it anymore? No problem! Call us to schedule a convenient pick up time and we will do so FREE of charge.

Free Loaners

You don’t want to do without one – that’s why you got one! Sometimes there are service issues, so if yours needs a repair for an extended period of time, we will provide you with a loaner FREE of charge.

Free Service and Maintenance

If yours does need a repair, and we cannot easily troubleshoot and resolve the problem quickly, we will pick yours up and take it to a professional repair center and return it to you FREE of charge.

Free Computer Technical Support

Got one from us? Got one from somewhere else? No problem! We all have questions and confusion with computers…and no question is too dumb to ask! Call us at 1-866-652-6342 and we will help you solve your problem.

No Long Term Obligation

Afraid of commitment? No problem! Some companies require a 3-month minimum rental period. We don’t! With us, you can rent for as little as 1 week, or you can rent to own the product…or you can rent for any time period in between. You can return the product anytime….THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS. Call ahead to schedule a convenient pick-up time free of charge.

Flexible Payment Plans

We match up your payment schedule to what is convenient for you. YOU’VE GOT OPTIONS:

  • Make rental payments weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly
  • Pay the retail Cash Price
  • Use our convenient 90 Days Same-As-Cash option
  • Anytime after 90 days, you can pay off your agreement balance in a lump-sum cash payment and receive a significant discount.

90 Days Same-As-Cash

Get a big discount of your total rental agreement price by paying an amount equal to our retail Cash Price within 90 days of the initial rental agreement and your product is PAID IN FULL. (This option expires 91 days from the agreement date, and does not include taxes, fees, or optional fee programs.)

Low Price Guarantee

We will pay you $100 if we cannot meet or beat the advertised total rent to own price on items we carry. If we do not have the exact same product, but we do have one that is similar, we will meet or beat that price. You must provide the competitor’s ad with the appropriate details.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If after 7 days you are not happy with your product, we will give you 100% store credit towards any other product we carry.

No-Risk Guarantee

If you return your product for any time and for any reason, you can get it back (or one just like it – similar age and value) and get 100% store credit for any rent payments you have made on the original rental agreement.

Customer Referral Program ($25)

Need some extra cash? We’ll pay you for who you know! Send us your friend or neighbor, and once they open an account and pay their 1st week’s rent, you can have the cash, or apply the $25 to your account.

Special Discounts for "Paid In Full" Customers

Anytime you Pay In Full an agreement, we'll give you 30 days to take home another product FREE for the first month. You can even take delivery of that next product 30 days BEFORE you Pay In Full.

Pre-leased Merchandise Specials

Save money on pre-leased merchandise. Many products come back to us in like-new condition, but we never represent them as new. You can save and own the product faster (in less months) than when it was brand new. We still stand behind these products with full service, maintenance and loaners, so you still get our BestWay assurance guarantee. For pre-leased merchandise that’s more heavily used, we have special low rates and shorter terms on these products, too. Everything has to find a home, and some terrific values can be found. If you are in the market for a “good deal” and have a specific need, call your nearby Store Manager and get them to put you on their “Specials List”.