About Us

R.T.O., Inc. (doing business as BestWay Rent To Own), was established “from scratch” as a brand new company in 1984. Founded by Edward Jaffee, Richard Rose and Jeffrey Loeb, our first store and our company’s headquarters were located in Norfolk, VA. Today, we proudly serve Southeastern and Central Virgina and Northeastern North Carolina with 19 home furnishings stores and several “sister” companies: BestWay Tax Service, our fast-tax preparation service; automobiles on a lease to own basis (BestWay Autos –; and RNR/Rent-N-Roll Custom Wheels and Performance/Passenger Tires ( Our headquarters remains in Norfolk.

The "Secret Sauce"

There really isn’t one. Our formula for sustained, long-term success is not complicated:

  1. Even-handed, fair dealings with our employees has lead to an extremely loyal team that has staying power and, more importantly, delivers results;
  2. Belief that the way we treat our employees directly translates to the way our employees treat our customers;
  3. RTO customers demand being treated with respect, and they must trust the company they choose; the long-term culture we cultivate and our philosophy on creating client relationships that accomplish this ensures that our customer deals with familiar faces for years;
  4. Our internal training program emphasizes over-performing for our customers;
  5. Our Senior management team that:
    • has been together since the inception of the company
    • has hands-on RTO store operating experience
    • develops simple systems so that we achieve healthy results to grow our business and improve our program for customers
    • is developing a bright group of younger management talent that possesses extensive industry and business experience.

Our company is small enough to adapt and adjust to customer desires, trends, and industry changes. We empower our Store Management to do what is best for our customers and we have not created a policy manual that makes our people “robots” so they think and decide things on their own based on experience and judgment. Our company is large enough to use our purchasing power to help keep our costs down so that our customers get the savings through our efficiencies.