What is "Rent To Own"?

The RTO (Rent To Own) industry began over 40 years ago in the mid-western part of the country. In a relatively short period of time, the industry has grown to over 8,000+ storefronts across the country, and nearly $7 billion in revenue. But the "To Own" part of the name does NOT mean you have to "own" the product. Many people are attracted to us because they need flexibility and are not sure how long they will want or need the product. No problem!

BestWay offers top-quality, name-brand home furnishings, electronics, appliances and jewelry to customers by the week or by the month. At the end of that period you, our customer, decide to do one of three things:
  1. Terminate the agreement and return the product without any additional obligation;
  2. Renew the agreement and continue renting the product by making another payment; and
  3. Buy the product outright.

If you renew your agreement a prescribed number of times (usually 12-24 months), then you automatically* acquire ownership of the product. In the RTO the industry, customers enjoy a number of benefits in this transaction which they typically do not receive in a traditional retail setting:

  • No debt is created, no loan is made, no interest is charged;
  • You can change your mind at ANY time and return the product, you are not obligated beyond the first payment;
  • Want the product back? No problem! You can re-instate the agreement and continue your payments from where you left off;
  • No credit is necessary – good credit, bad credit or no credit…it does not matter;
  • Service and maintenance is included, parts and labor;
  • Free delivery and installation, often within 1-2 hours of your decision to rent;
  • Very little upfront cash to get the product into your home – no security deposit, usually just the initial rental payment is all it takes to get started; and
  • Many other benefits, too.

*customers in North Carolina must make one additional payment after the lease agreement ends.